Pro Jmx
Pro Jmx
作者:J. Jeffrey Hanson, Jeff Hanson
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Get ready to plunge into the complete world of Jmx architecture—including the release of Jmx Remoting 1.2! Pro Jmx: Java Management Extensions features cutting-edge examples of Jmx integration with distributed applications, including sequence diagrams and real-world sample code.Author Jeff Hanson takes a top-down approach, starting from the highest level of detail and drilling down. In the process, he presents the Jmx architecture as a pluggable, services-oriented framework, and discusses how Jmx allows you to dynamically add, remove, and modify services at runtime. Hanson also provides in-depth discussions of Jmx notifications, event models, and messages.The book finishes up with real-world examples of Jmx in use, and features discussions of how Jmx is integrated with different management systems and how Jmx is used to expose these systems to the J2Ee environment.

  1. Introducing Jmx
  2. The Three-Level Model: Instrumentation and Mbeans
  3. The Three-Level Model: Agents
  4. Mbean Servers
  5. Distributed Management System Design
  6. The Three-Level Model and Distributed Services
  7. Jmx Connectors
  8. Remote Lookup
  9. Jmx Clients
  10. Security
  11. Jmx in the Industry
  12. A Summary of Jmx